Different Ayurvedic
Treatments By Kerala Ayurveda Centre

Want to rely on Ayurveda? Confused! Which Ayurvedic treatment might
benefit your health? Ayurveda being an ancient medical science developed in
India is very famous and useful. Today many prefer Ayurveda over the new
extensive chemically driven methods. With the deteriorating health, the
Ayurvedic treatments are working as that light that is enabling the balance
between the mind and the body.

Kerala Ayurveda Centre has been working for over a year and has been able to manage a strong customer because of the quality products and services offered. We are known for our Skincare clinics, Ayurvedic hospitals and doctors and the different Ayurvedic Treatment in Patna, Bihar and other parts of the country.

We offer different Ayurvedic treatments that help in treating
different health issues. The treatments help cleanse the body and allow the
balance of body, mind, and spirit be achieved.

The Ayurvedic
treatments are broadly classified into two:

  1. Shodhana Chikilsa: with the help of various therapeutic processes the toxic byproducts are removed by this treatment. Here the treatment that involves the five steps Panchakarma is involved. This is one of the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Patna, Bihar. The five steps include:

  • Emesis Therapy: also known as Vamana, in this kind of treatment internal medicines are
    administered to facilitate vomiting.
  • Purgation Therapy: even encountered as Virechana, here the medicines are administered to
    purify and cleanse the body.
  • Nasal medication: here the herbal medicines are used like oil or powder and induced in
    the body through the nostrils.
  • Medicated Enema therapy:  the herbal medicines are used as oil or
    decoction and administered in the body through the anus.
  • Blood Letting therapy: as the name suggests the toxic or the impure blood is drained out of
    the body during such treatments with the help of needle pricking, leeching,

  1. Shaman Chikilsa: this treatment is basically done after the Shodhana Chikilsa and involves the use of natural herbs. This is one of the Ayurvedic Treatment in Patna, Bihar which can be done both internally and externally. This further helps in restoring the balance without any kind of elimination.

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