Ayurveda is acknowledged around the globe for a long time. It is the oldest science for treating humans. The Ayurveda has given solutions for many incurable diseases. The ancient healing science, Ayurveda has cured the kind of diseases whose medication was unable to be found by scientists.


Sandhi Vata or Osteoarthritis is a common problem among elderly people. The cause behind the prevalence of the disorder is the erosion or breaking of the cushion which exists at the joints. The problems hit the people mostly after the age of 25 and are likely to be seen worse at the older age. Although the methods for complete healing from osteoarthritis are yet to be discovered, there are many therapies and treatments through which patients seek relief.


Kerala Ayurveda Centre promises to ease the pain of the patients suffering from osteoarthritis through ayurvedic therapies and medicines. Originally made medicines and Rasayana at our centers guarantee comfort to the patient. Our ayurvedic doctors are aware of the treatment which should be done for the patients having osteoarthritis of different stages. This can be taken as a reason for the extensive growth of the patients affected by the problem at Kerala Ayurveda Centre.


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