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About Welcome To Kerala Ayurveda Center

Established in the year 2018, Kerala Ayurveda Treatment Centre is a top player in the category Ayurvedic Treatment in Jharkhand.The modern era has brought forward many health issues due to the ever increasing rise in pollution and radiation. People are suffering from various physical and mental ailments and are failing to cope up with the present demands of the corporate world. This is primarily why our company Kerala Ayurveda is offering the Best Ayurvedic treatment Centre. Our firm is focused to eliminate all the shortcomings which are caused by various illnesses that are affecting the personal and professional lives of the general public. We specialize in providing wellness therapies where skin problems, weight loss plans and hair treatment is offered so that you can take good care of yourself and be fresh and presentable at all times. We have successfully collaborated with the finest Ayurvedic Doctors  who are experienced and have the required knowledge to treat any disease with utmost professionals. Our services are not only restricted to wellness as we also cater to harsher diseases which are related to the heart, diabetes, alcohol addiction, paralysis, back pain, infertility and other major physical and mental ailments. We believe in only using natural and herbal ingredients to manufacture our medicines. This approach ensures that there are no side effects to our medication. With this approach Kerala Ayurveda has been able to help thousands of people in India. Our services are priced reasonably and can be afforded by people from all segments of the society. So if you are suffering from multiple illnesses and are in need of an effective solution then our Ayurvedic treatment Centre is the best solution for you. Feel free to give our experts a call to find out more about our services and pricing policies. The sole objective of our firm is to satisfy the needs of our clients by providing them relief with our natural Ayurvedic treatment.

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Our Services

Treatment for Paralysis

TREATMENT FOR PARALYSIS   Paralysis is another fatal disease which is an inability to move abody muscle freely. Paralysis is caused due to the nervous breakdown or due to an injury or an infection. And this obstructs due to which

Detox and Rejuvenation

DETOXIFY THE BODY WITH PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT The human body intakes toxic substances from the environment while eating, breathing, drinking, etc. The air that we breathe contains numerous toxic substances, whose intake is not in favor of the human immune system.

Slip disc treatment

Slip disc can hit anyone due to prior injury or weakness. Occurring of this problem may cause severe problems in the future. The slip disc can be understood as the protruding of the disc at the vertebra which causes pain

Chronic Back Pain

Here, at www.keralaayurvedacentre, we thrive to give you the best ayurvedic treatment for the chronic back pain you had been dealing for days or maybe months. Kerala Ayurveda center specializes in providing massages and relaxing the body from any illness

Sinusitis and migraine

Sinusitis and migraine is a trivial problem. Every second person is likely to be facing one of them. While sinusitis is the inflammation around nasal cavities, migraine is acute in the head. The ignorance of these two may lead to

Treatment for Diabetes

TREAT DIABETES THE AYURVEDIC WAY AT KERALA AYURVEDA CLINIC   Kerala Ayurveda center can help you get back in control of your life again. Diabetes affects your life in numerous ways mentally and physically. Millions of people prefer Ayurvedic as





Akash Yadav

Thank you all so very much for your loving care and the kindness of your serving. It has been a very pleasant and refreshing time for me here in your hospital. God bless you all.

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Nisha Priya

We don’t have words to describe how happy and satisfied we are. We are very thankful to Doctors and there team for professional approach and excellent results.

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Bhavna Shah

“I just had a one hour treatment today and it was wonderful! Very professional and therapeutic. I have been going to Kerala Ayurved for several years and have never been disappointed. Wonderful atmosphere and very friendly staff. Thank you for

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