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Treatment for Facial Paralysis

Facial Paralysis is one of the leading problems emerging in the world. It is an ailment that causes loss of facial movement due to nerve disorder or damage. It can cause your facial muscle to droop or weak. It can agitate any one side of the face or sometimes even both. It can be caused due to any reason like an infection, injury, nervous disorder, trauma, etc. It can be produced suddenly or even over a period. There are several treatments procedures available for this ailment, but none of them offers a full recovery.Ayurveda has complete treatment for this ailment which helps the patient to fight the problem from its root. And such treatment is offered in/by Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment.Our treatment involves medications, therapies, and massages to the part of the affected side. The medicines, oils, and powders which we use are completely natural and do not carry any side effects. Visit http://www.move-central.com/. Massages that we provide relaxes the nerves and ease down the facial muscles which help the movement of the face. It also helps to regain the facial expression and structure. We provide medicines that help in reducing the pain and blockage and therefore support the therapy. We even use various nasal and mouth drops in our treatment that allows the medication to reach the affected part and relax the nervous system.

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